How to Create the Best Countertop Product Displays

No matter what kind of store you operate,How to Create the Best Countertop Product Displays Articles countertops are among the most popular areas to create product displays. Situating merchandise on a countertop not only places it closer to the customers’ eyes and more within their reach, but it also encourages impulse purchases once the customers are ready to check out.

Think About Your Countertop Space

Before you think about anything else, you have to think about how much countertop space you have to work with. Some stores have large amounts of countertop space while others just have a few square feet of room by the checkout registers.

Choose the Best Merchandise

Now that you know how much countertop space you have to work with, it’s time to think about the best merchandise for your countertop product display.

If you have an ample amount of countertop space, you can choose large items for your product displays; however, if you only have a tiny amount of space to work with, it’s best to choose small merchandise items for your countertop product displays.

Aside from the amount of countertop space you have to work with, you also need to think about the kinds of merchandise items that customers are more likely to buy as they’re standing at the checkout counter.

For example, you might have enough countertop space to create a display of family-sized bags of chips and two-liter bottles of soda, but these aren’t the kinds of items most people purchase at the checkout counter. Most customers reach for merchandise like candy and small convenience items like lighters, travel-sized bottles of over-the-counter medication, and children’s toys like small plush animals and bouncy balls.

Simply put, the merchandise you use for your countertop product display needs to work with the amount of countertop space you have as well as the impulse buying habits customers at checkout counters tend to display.

Select the Most Convenient Product Display Fixtures

The most common display fixtures for countertop stores countertop product displays are wholesale plastic containers. You can find these containers in many shapes, sizes, and styles perfect displaying edible items like both wrapped and unwrapped bulk candy as well as non-edible merchandise like children’s toys and convenience items.

However, you should keep in mind that there are many other kinds of display fixtures for countertop product displays that can help add convenience to your customers’ shopping experiences. Some of these additional fixtures work well with wholesale plastic containers while others come with plastic buckets already affixed or with other ways of displaying the merchandise.

For example, you can find:

Wire display racks perfect for as few as one or two or as many as six or eight plastic buckets.
Convenience store racks designed small enough for countertop use and on which you can place your wholesale plastic containers or stand-alone merchandise like bottles of soda and bags of chips or other treats.
Revolving bucket racks designed to hold plastic buckets and spin so you can display – and customers can see and access – more merchandise.

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